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The Definitive Map of the Best Free WiFi in Vigo City

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Vigo is a city on the Atlantic Ocean in the province of Pontevedra, in Galicia, north-west Spain. Vigo is the most populous municipality in Galicia, and the 14th in Spain. Vigo is in the south-west of Galicia, in the southern part of Vigo Bay (...) Read more...

Map of WiFi networks in Vigo

Are you new in town? Or maybe you’d like to wander around the city not worrying about how to save money on yout phone plan abroad? Here is a map of the free WiFi networks in Vigo, so you'll always be able to connect to hotspots wherever you go.

Hotspots on your smartphone with an App

Are you always on the move? In addition to this map we have created an Android App that gives you access all the free hotspots available nearby (and we're talking millions of free hotspots!), through a list of WiFi networks in Vigo, even if you're offline or without 3G network coverage.

With the autoconnect functionality, the app will analyze all Wifi networks around you and will automatically connect to the best hotspots in Vigo. Download wiMAN Free WiFi now and always take it with you to surf the internet for free!

Where Can I Find Free WiFi in Vigo?

  • Free WiFi at Vigo-Peinador Airport

    Are you are a tourist looking for internet access in Spain at Vigo-Peinador Airport or off the train at a nearby railway station (Vigo Guixar Station) and you have to search for information online to get to your Hotel? What's the best solution? Usually, in order to find free Wifi in airports or train stations you have to register to the hotspot with personal data (name, email and password) and the connection is terribly slow. Having a map of hotspots around you that works even without connection can help you find Wifi in Vigo.

    Download the wiMAN App to find free wifi in Vigo and all over the world, and you will have more than 50 million hotspots in your pocket!
  • Free Internet at the University

    Are you a student, perhaps in Erasmus in Spain, and you need the internet to look for some travel information? Most large universities such as Universidade de Vigo offer free internet access to students but sometimes it is not as quick and easy as it should be. No problem, fortunately now you can easily find other nearby WiFi networks shared by users or owners of public facilities.

  • Free WiFi hotspots in Vigo and near the city center

    You might need internet access in Vigo, while you are out and about. In this case the best solution is to move towards downtown, perhaps near Plaza Elíptica or some point of interest (Museo Quiñones de León, Castelo do Castro, Parroquia María Auxiliadora). Here it will be easier to find open free WiFi networks. Use the map to find out where they are!

  • Connect to WiFi hotspots in public places

    It's dinner time... are you looking for a good place to eat? With the Wiman app you can find all the restaurants with free internet. And after dinner? Find a pub that has free wifi and enjoy the evening without worries!

Popular Wi-Fi Networks nearby



  • linksys

  • NH-Hotel-Group

  • VIGO2

Download the App to get automatically connected to millions of free networks!